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About the Artist


JoAnne treated herself to her first art class at the Art Students League in New York City for her birthday in 2003.

Additional classes followed at the Pastel Society of America, also in New York.   Winter 2009, she took a 15 week intensive art course in oil painting and life drawing with Tony Ryder in Santa Fe.

JoAnne brings a thirty-year career as Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Avodah Dance Ensemble to her work in the visual arts.

Her pastel work has been exhibited at the Steamboat Springs Art Depot, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Casa de Lingua in Monteverdi, Costa Rica, and in the following juried shows:  Tubac Center for the Arts in Tubac Arizona (Holiday Show, 2005); the national pastel show of The Oregon Society for Pastels (Fall, 2006); The Kitchen Goddess Exhibition of the Colorado Chapter of Women's Caucus for Art (Winter, 2007); For Pastels Only, on Cape Cod (August 2007); 2007 “Shades of Pastel” National Juried Show of the Maryland Pastel Society; and The 2007 Colorado Pastel Society Mile High National Exhibition (October 2007).  She had her first solo exhibition in October 2007 at Creekside Café in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Spring 2009 she was part of the Tony Ryder School Exhibit at Canyon Road Contemporary Art Gallery in Santa Fe.

JoAnne was pleased to be selected to participate in "Viva Flora" a joint partnership between the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission Community Gallery. The show ran from June 21 - August 23, 2013.

In May, 2007 a floral pastel of hers was featured on the cover of The Downtowner, a monthly newspaper in Steamboat Springs, CO.

JoAnne’s home base is currently Santa Fe, NM. She is currently working primarily in oils doing both floral and abstract oils. She is also a founding Board Member of Healing Voices - Personal Stories where she is producing and directing films about women's striving to overcome abuse.

Artist's Statement  

Following a thirty-year career as Artistic Director of a dance company I am excited to be "dancing on paper." Each picture I do represents not only the subject but is an exploration in composition evaluated in terms of rhythm, dynamics, and line that draw on my background as a choreographer.

From the time I was a dance major at The Juilliard School, the visual arts have served as a major source of inspiration.  Composition classes with Louie Horst in the early 60's introduced me to the importance of studying different art periods and using them for stimulation for dance studies.  As I developed I found that I often discovered material from visits to museums. 

I am particularly fascinated with the unique and detailed patterns that exist when one looks closely at flowers and trees.  This parallels my experience as a choreographer.  When painting I strive to capture the form and movement I observe.

At first I was quite surprised at how comfortable and at home I felt expressing myself in the visual arts.  Soon I realized how the skills I had bee practicing as a choreographer transferred to the visual arts.

The Abstract Record Studies particularly draw on the creative process I used as a choreographer. As a choreographer I often began new pieces improvising the key ideas to find movement phrases to base the work on. In the Record Studies I select a short 3 minutes section and do about four quick spontaneous pastel sketches responding to the music with colors it inspires, lines, and shapes.  I select the one I like best and then do it in oil on a record mounted on a canvas.

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