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Murray’s father, an inveterate photo chronicler, turned over his Kodak Brownie 620 to Murray when he was seven. The technological change over seven decades from black and white to color slides to stable print color, Murray has progressed through a series of ever improving cameras arriving at the digital age less than ten years ago. Catching that moment of awe whether in National Parks or in his backyard in New Mexico or Colorado, Murray is most inspired by nature focusing on those elements that capture the essence of a place, earth, sky, water and fire (really sunsets).

Murray’s photos are in private collections in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio and various places in Colorado.

In addition to photography, Murray is a writer. In 2008 he published a biography of his father who was the first voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers and who covered sports in Pittsburgh for thirty-three years (Screamer: The Forgotten Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers.) In 2013 his first novel (I Chose to Flee) will be published. It is a chronicle of the life of a Jew who flees Russia and its continuous pogroms and forced army service arriving in Canada to start a new life. The story is a composite of several persons Murray knew as he was growing up including his own grandfather. The story is fiction, but based on historical fact.

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