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Coasters are 41/4 square inch tiles.  Each tile has been created through the dye sublimation process and the images are permanent. Hot and cold beverages can be put on them.  They can be washed.  Each corner has a small piece of felt attached on the back so they will not causes any scratches.

The following images are our most popular and we regularly keep them in stock.  Most images on the website are available to put on a coaster upon request. Visit our Etsy Store to order.   Email JoAnne if there is an image you want that is not listed on Etsy.





Tree at Lake Abiquiu


Fall Aspens


Mission Church at Pecos NHP


Tulips at their Peak



Sunflower (series of 2)

Indian Paintbrush


Whimsical Rose (series of 4)


Deep Pink Rose

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